The BBC have made the licence fee rules deliberately unclear, in order to keep people coughing up. That is not right. We will develop and distribute guidance material to raise awareness and deliver clarity on the legal implications of cancelling your TV licence now, so that you can do so without worry.


The BBC’s system for catching and prosecuting non-licence fee payment is discriminatory, and disproportionately affects women and the poor due to a deliberate lack of clarity around the right to refuse entry. This has to stop. We will lobby the government to decriminalise the licence fee.


It is not reasonable for people to be forced, by fear of imprisonment, to pay a licence fee in order to watch (or record) non-BBC live TV. We will work towards bringing about the necessary change to the BBC charter, by lobbying our representatives in Westminster and keeping up the pressure with an ongoing media campaign. Your views have gone unheard for too long. We want to change that.

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