1. Avoid watching (or recording) any live TV* (or BBC iPlayer) so that you can legally cancel your licence NOW by declaring that you no longer need one using this online form. If you find TV Licensing’s website is leading you in a continuous loop, you can call them on 0300 555 0286. Once done, cancel your direct debit.
  2. Chip in what you can to support our fundraising campaign so that we are able to…
    • Spread the word outside social media and reassure others about how they can legally defund the BBC now
    • Pressure the government to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee, so that the BBC can’t prosecute or lock anyone else up
    • Pressure the government to change the current rules so that in future you only have to pay for the BBC if you watch the BBC

*What is Live TV?

Live TV is content broadcast and viewed through a TV channel. A channel is where content is continuously broadcast whether you tune in or not. Think of it like a train line, with content being delivered on a schedule whether or not you want the service.

All live broadcast channels are required to have an Ofcom TV Broadcast Licence. You can find a complete list here.

What can I watch without a licence?

Freeview on-demand services such as:

These platforms contain a link to the broadcasters’ live channel that you cannot watch without a TV licence.

Subscription on-demand services such as:

Pay-as-you-go on-demand services such as:

Most of the content on the following streaming services is on-demand and therefore can be watched without a licence but you just need to be careful not to watch “live channels” within them:

This list is ever growing and changing. Please use the ‘Get In Touch’ button to let us know if we’ve missed something or if there is a platform you want us to check.

How to watch on-demand

To access on-demand content you will need an internet connection – we recommend having unlimited broadband – and a smart TV. If your TV isn’t ‘smart’ you can attach one of the following devices.

Amazon Fire TV stick – from £50
AppleTV – from £149
Google Chromecast TV stick – from £30
Roku stick – from £29
PS4 console – from £250
Xbox One console – from £268

The cost is a one off outlay that will give you to access to all of platforms mentioned above.

You can of course also access on-demand content via…

Chrome OS
Windows PC

Mobile & Tablet:
Amazon Fire Tablets
Android Phones & Tablets
iPhone and iPad